Whether you sell or give away your woodworking items have you ever considered that you might someday be hit with a lawsuit? Me either! But, it recently came to my attention that there is a local resource we might all want to know about (there are similar versions for most every state). It is called

Georgia Lawyers for the Arts -- Their website (http://www.glarts.org ) explains all they do. You should read through some of it to see what applies to your woodworking or other artistic and creative endeavors.

For Woodworking Groups -- Do any of your club members make wood toys, sell wood items, or publish photos of their items online or in print? If so think about the fact the the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts can provide speakers to discuss these issues. It might be even more enlightening than how to carve a Santa, how to deep hollow a bowl or how to hand cut dovetails.

This is not a plug for Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. I don't know anyone there (as of this writing). It is a recommendation for all the woodworking clubs to consider this resource for an upcoming meeting topic.

Paul Proffitt - Suwanee, GA

Where's your nearest saw mill?  How many of us actually visit or know where one is?  I'd really like to know.  If you own a saw mill business - stationary or mobile - or you know of one you want to share with fellow woodworkers, please contact us with the information on:

Many local and national woodworking organizations are working on programs to attract new and especially young woodworkers.  One of the more aggressive organizations is the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).  The AAW's Young Turners Program is "designed to encourage and aid local AAW chapters working with youth".

Does your Georgia woodworking club or group have an active young woodworker program or are you interested in sharing ideas to get started?  If so, GeorgiaWoodworkers.com has set up a forum (Youth and New Woodworker Programs ) where you may share ideas and successes with fellow Georgia woodworkers.

If you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, friend or group interested in youth woodworking programs I strongly invite you to post your interest in the Youth and New Woodworker Programs forum or find a woodworking organization near you in the Local Resources list of local Georgia Woodworking Guilds, Clubs and Associations.

What's more fun than woodworking?  Seeing a student successfully master a new woodworking skill for the first time.

Start sharing today! -- Youth and New Woodworker Programs Forum

at GeorgiaWoodworkers.com

Paul Proffitt

I've got connections.  As webmaster for the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association (GWA) I send out occasional announcements to all our members.  Part of a recent announcement was a mention that my lathe was for sale.  I was contacted, made a deal, and the buyer paid and picked it up in less than 24 hours.  I'm actually lucky that someone in the GWA just happened to want a lathe.  I'm lucky I had access to such a targeted group of woodworkers.

That's what this GeorgiaWoodworkers.com website is about - access to woodworkers and woodworkers' access to local resources.  Whether it is a lathe for sale, a nice burl or tree from someone's yard, a good deal on a tupelo carving blank, a tour of a nationally know intarsia artist's shop, an entire shop of tools for sale, or availability of trainers / instructors I want  GeorgiaWoodworkers.com to be the next level beyond the local club's websites.  Whether woodworking is a hobby or a profession I hope that GeorgiaWoodworkers.com will help you improve and prosper.

How many times have you overheard a conversation about the great deal someone just found?  Well, here's your chance to be telling that story.  This website will be a resource for any and all woodworking needs.  It will highlight sales, events and opportunities that you might not otherwise hear.  It will help you find instructors for your club's meetings.  It will help local (and even national and international) instructors find opportunities for their classes in local clubs.  It will help us all enjoy woodworking just a little more.

Are you wondering why I sold my lathe?  This should answer your question

Paul Proffitt


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